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Course Description

Learn to Program with AngularJS

AngularJS makes working with data on Web front-ends a breeze. Want your Web pages to manipulate data with ease, try AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed for creating one-page web applications. As a framework, it uses code templates and specific commands to perform special features such as filters and data-binding within HTML pages.

Any Web Developer worth their salt should embrace JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS. Learn AngularJS today and be in the forefront of Web development.









What Will I Learn?

  • What is AngularJS?
  • Installing and running a basic application
  • undestanding the Model – View – Controler Architecture
  • Using modules and scope
  • Working with complex models
  • Using the $HTTP servie to ead a JSON file
  • Filtering content using directives
  • Binding to input fields through filters
  • Dividing your App into Partials
  • Setting up deep linking
  • Working with the $routeProvider service
  • Wiring up a second partial
  • Creating our details template
  • Adding navigation to our details page
  • Using Angular animation events

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Course Curriculum

  • What is AngularJS?

    • Lesson 1: What is AngularJS?
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    • Lesson 1: AngularJS within MEAN Stack
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  • Installing and running a basic Angular application

    • Lesson 2: Installing a basic AngularJS application
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    • Lesson 2: Running a basic AngularJS application
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