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It is easy to become a teacher/ instructor/ trainer/ coach.  Whatever your expertise, you can earn extra income by teaching it to someone else.

We provide you with a template is the perfect choice for structuring your training business. It’s loaded with tips and features to get you started on the road to becoming a professioner trainer or part-time coach, whatever your area of expertise and passion.

We will support you all the way to building a successful training business.

Complete the form and we will do the rest.

How to become a teacher

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Become an Instructor in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Complete the form beside and tell us your area of expertise or passion or hobby.

2. We will contact you for a detailed chat about your intentions and explain our processes.

3. If we both agree that you are up to it, then we shall provide you with a template to get you started in registering your first learners.

As an instructor, you would recognise that your role is an important one.

Our template and structure will help you present a professional persona and profile in order to maintain the high standard that we have to come to expect of all our instructors.

You get a regular feedback from your students/ trainees to help us evaluate your preformance with a view for maintaining continuous improvement.

You can start with teaching our courses.

If you do not already have your courses or coaching instructions planned out, we can help you by supplying you with our standard courses and manuals at a fee to get you started immediately. This will help you to start earning money right away, while developing your own courses.

So no need to wait until you have a shelve full of course manuals and instructions, register today to get started as Teacher/ Instructor/ Trainer.