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    «Russian translator?» – oh, there are many ones!

    That’s what my colleague told me while i asked her to help me find the best Russian translator.

    «Just google!»

    I googled. Google filled me with a big list of translation companies who offer English to Russian translation service.

    I called a number of them and sent my files for quotation.

    Unfortunately, the value developed into the highest one. Not within my budget. I guess, I am not the only person. That’s why I chose to write down a post on the way to find a Russian translator affordably.

    I made the decision to evaluate my main requirements.

    I needed an experienced Russian translator that can take care of a marketing text, there are around 3K words inside the text. The deadline was to receive the Russian translation within 4 days.

    Russian translation companies inside london quoted around 300 pounds for 3K words, along with the project may be completed within 6 days.

    Too much time and too expensive.

    It found me, which i could visit a Russian translator in other regions around the globe.

    The original search Used to using «Russian translator London».

    I then thought we would use other keywords «Russian translator USA», «Russian translator new york», «Russian translator los angeles», etc.

    Lastly, I’ve found the best professional translator to translate English to Russian with the best rates and terms! Hanna quoted 2 times below Russian translation companies inside london. And he or she been able to complete the work in doing my deadline – 72 hrs!

    Excellent Russian translator services! Highly recommended!

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