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    Te partner, we manually reviewed the narratives and utilised the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition of IPV to establish eligibility for inclusion inside the evaluation: physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, or psychological aggression (like coercive tactics) by a existing or former intimate partner.1 We incorporated instances coded as jealousy or adore triangle only once they concerned an actual relationship (vs unrequited interest). We excluded incidents that involved sex or drugtrades (i.e., transactional relationships as opposed to ongoing or former intimate partnerships) and incidents motivated by a want to end the suffering of a terminally ill loved a single, exactly where the victim wanted to die (i.e., mercy killing). We categorized corollary homicide victims according to a definition published by Project Safeguard: “the murder of other men and women that occurs within the context of a domestic violence incident (which include new intimate partners, intervening mates, family members or strangers, or responding law enforcement officers).”11(p11) As shown in Figure 1, we categorized the 718 corollary victims by how they had been linked to the suspect: 1. family members, defined as a blood relative on the Title Loaded From File suspect or persons connected for the suspect by means of a familial relationship, like the boyfriend of a child’s mother; 2. other intimate partner involvement, defined as becoming connected for the suspect by way of a mutual intimate partner, at present or inside the previous (e.g., adore triangle, woman’s new partner was killed by her former partner; woman’s new boyfriend and her ex-spouse killed each other for the duration of shootout); three. pal or acquaintance; four. stranger; or 5. police officer, slain throughout a response to an IPV incident.Most incidents resulted inside a single death (71.5 ); 28.5 involved a number of deaths. The 955 multiple-death incidents (median = 2 decedents; range = 2—7 decedents) resulted inside a total of 2075 decedents; 1120 of those victims have been killed along with the major targeted victim. This category comprised homicide victims who have been kids, parents, siblings, other members of the family from the suspect (like stepfamily), and persons connected through a loved ones relationship (e.g., boyfriend of child’s mother). A lot more than one third (38 ) of loved ones member homicide victims were aged 11 years or younger, and 48.three had been aged 17 years or younger. In a lot of circumstances, the victims just had the misfortune of getting in the residence in the time on the incident. In some situations, the homicide victim attempted to intervene in an IPV scenario and was killed. An example:Victim 1 (male, aged 14 years) was killed for the duration of a domestic incident amongst his mother and father (suspect). The suspect was drinking throughout the day and got into an argument with his wife. The argument became physical, as well as the suspect pulled out a gun and started threatening his wife; he then shot and wounded her. Victim 1 tried to grab the gun and was shot inside the method.lately threatened his ex-girlfriend, who lived within the exact same apartment developing but was not home at the time in the incident.Police officers (n = 9). These victims have been killed in the line of duty when responding to an IPV incident. An example:Victim two was on duty when he was shot by the male suspect, who had killed his wife (victim 1) shortly prior to. The suspect ambushed victim 2 as he was attempting to enter the house of victim 1 in pursuit with the suspect.