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    One of the oldest classical languages on earth is the Tamil language. Research shows that an ancient but deformed type of Tamil called Tamazight is spoken by one of several tribes in Cameroon in Africa.

    In Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, historians have discovered Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions. However, they have not succeeded in providing a defined date of the company’s origin. It is considered that which has been spoken since 500 BC.

    Through the pre-colonial era Tamil was one of the many languages useful for trade.

    The ancient principality of Kamarinadu existed between India and Ethiopia. Ancient Tamils conquered Kamarinadu, which connected India and Ethiopia, and spread the language to Africa.

    It can be one of the most difficult and oldest languages in the nation (over 50,000 years). This Dravidian language is one of the major South Indian languages, which is spoken by over 60 million people Singapore, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The initial Indians spoke Sanskrit in North, Tamil in South, and Austro-Asiatic in the east.

    It can be believed that the Mayans from the Maya Civilization of South usa were actually Tamils and spoke a dialect of Tamil. Studies also demonstrate that the language of the Jews, Hebrew, produced by Tamil. This is due to the Tamil exodus to Africa through middle-east.

    Tamil has obtained the classical status. In fact, it’s among the first languages to realize this status.

    Today, Tamil is spoken installing Tamil Nadu, but additionally in northern Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria and Fiji. 1% from the world’s population are Tamil speaking people, which is the 15th most spoken language in the world.

    Tamil has been bestowed with official language status in quite a few countries, in fact it is certainly one of most widely spoken languages in the world.


    Tamils have Dravidian origin. The 4 major Dravidian (South Indian) languages are Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. One of the Dravidian language family Tamil is known as the top language. The Dravidians from the most of the population of south India, and you will find around 220 million native speakers of Dravidian languages on the globe.

    Diglossia – spoken and written. Tamil uses two dialects or languages, when a language community uses two dialects think of it as diglossia. They’re generally known as H or ‘high’ type along with the L or ‘low’ type linguistic parlance. H or ‘high’ type can be found in literature. Additionally

    donwload fonts tamil is found in religious ceremonies and education as it’s more formal, traditional and esteemed. The ‘low’ type is employed in everyday parlance. The ‘high’ type is located in ancient Tamil texts, that are a storehouse of info. They’ve been translated into many languages and they are appreciated by individuals worldwide.

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