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    Individuals of Bandung are usually many of the most fortunate group for this earth. With its U-shaped bowl-like landscape located almost 1km above sea-level, Bandung is surrounded with large mountains with couple of them viewed as still active volcanoes. The temperature constantly hovers around 15-25 degree Celsius (68-77 degree Fahrenheit) throughout every season, the optimal temperature for many people. Various natural factors such as the volcanic soil, high rainfall and temperate climates leads to advanced level of soil fertility and perfect agricultural ground. Once labeled as Paris Van Java (The Paris of Java), Bandung is obviously prepared to enchant every of her visitors. Listed here are the 5 trails it’s not necassary to miss when you’re in Bandung.

    Shopping Trail. Since 1980s, Bandung has been famously known as the clothing warehouse of Indonesia. Today, the sprouting presence of Factory Outlets (FOs) has produced Bandung well-liked by casual shoppers or fashionistas, and possesses earned its reputation well even among foreign tourists. Large numbers of FOs are concentrated along Jalan Setiabudhi or Jalan Dago. If you’re not running against time, then you probably desire to attempt a FO adventure and go to each shop. In case time may be the essence, it is likely you wish to visit just one or two of them. If
    Hotel in Bandung permits only one destination to pick from, my recommendation is the all-time favorite Rumah Mode (RM) that is located along Jalan Setiabudhi. This is probably just about the most well-known establishment in Bandung. If you happen to choosing a lump sum on your path, you can simply ask the traffic police for direction (just mention Rumah Mode) and they will tell you where it is.

    Today, RM provides more than only a fashion shopping experience. Within the recent years, it has added food outlets included in its attraction. You can enjoy casual al-fresco dining experience with that traditional touch while giving yourself a culinary treat – from Indonesian (Mie Goreng Jawa, Tahu Mendoan and…) to Chinese to Western cuisines. Food is cost-effective. In order to simply spend all day every day pampering your fashion and tastebuds as well. While my job isn’t to market RM, one more thing that differentiate RM off their FOs could be the absence of street vendors who oftentimes will persistently follow your every single step.

    Nature Trail. Encompassed by mountains and highlands, Bandung offers ample outdoor trails for anybody who really wants to get near nature. Tangkuban Perahu is regarded as the prominent volcanic mountain in Bandung and positively a must-visit destination. In case you are into skin treatment, you can purchase sulfur at very cheap price. I love the batik wood they reconstructed as multi-purpose ornament for example pencil holders, flower vase and even cigarette receptacles. Nevertheless the insufficient quality of guarantee always stop me from buying them. Ciater natural hot spring spa offers an intimate knowledge about Nature. You can choose from people pool (always very crowded), public-private pool (requires additional entry ticket) or private pool (pay for half-an-hour usage) that accommodates two persons at the same time. Ciwidey is just about the best kept secret of Bandung. Unlike Dago or any other parts of Bandung where tourism boom has marred the gorgeous face of nature, Ciwidey has to date remained unspoiled. However, this also means that you can expect less exotic dining options here. Kawah Putih is a major attraction in Ciwidey.

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