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    Millions of people today suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, and an ever-increasing number of these patients are turning to natural herbal supplements as an alternative to prescription painkillers. For those who are new to herbal remedies, it can be difficult to determine which natural cures are actually effective and which of them are simply a waste of money. Read on to find out about oxylife phenocane and the all-natural ingredients that help it combat the chronic pain and inflammation associated with ailments such as arthritis, sciatica, and back pain.

    Curcumin and Curcuminoids

    The herb curcumin is well-known to reduce both inflammation and pain. One curcuminoid, or sub-particle, of the herb, is a recognized COX2 inhibitor. Interestingly, several studies have shown that cancer cells are often found in areas of the body with high concentrations of COX2 enzymes, leading some researchers to believe that COX2 inhibitors may also be beneficial in decreasing the risk or spread of cancer cells.

    Boswellia Works With Curcumin

    Boswellia is another natural herb that is recognized as a COX2 inhibitor. This herb works in conjunction with Curcumin to offer additional relief from pain and inflammation. The mechanisms by which it works are slightly different than those utilized by curcuminoids, making it a perfect complement to them in treating chronic pain.

    Nattokinase Enzymes

    This natural enzyme is thought to assist the body with healthy blood clotting. Improving blood flow and the body’s ability to heal from wounds can also help with reducing pain and treating acute injuries in addition to chronic ailments.

    DLPA Amino Acids

    It is a widely recognized fact that mental and emotional health play large roles in managing chronic pain. That’s why Phenocane Natual Pain Relief herbal supplements also include DLPA, an amino acid that increases serotonin levels in users’ brains. Seratonin is a natural hormone that is responsible for regulating mood, and serotonin imbalances often contribute to the development of depression and other emotional disorders.

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    As with any pain treatment, there are a few mild side effects that can sometimes come along with the many benefits that phenocane confers. These include upset stomach and diarrhea due to the turmeric it contains.

    multivitamin for women is also known to cause stomach pain, diarrhea, rashes, and acid reflux in some patients.

    Patients who take some diabetes medications or blood pressure medications should speak with their doctors before beginning to take phenocane, as the herbs may impact the effectiveness of these types of prescription drugs. Speak with a doctor or learn more online today.