• Brun Patel posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Who says that you have to go to work to have a cool job? Do you think you need years of school and training to have an interesting job? New freelance sites, like GoFreelance, offer cool jobs that anyone can do. Here are

    freelancer chat that people currently do right from their own homes with little or no training.

    1. Write Greeting Card Copy. If they are poetic, romantic, sentimental, sappy or just have a flair for writing verses that pull on the heart, they may have a gift for writing greeting cards. Some companies pay per card and some even pay royalties.

    2. Video Game Writer. Video gaming websites will pay people to write about video games.

    3. Online Blogging. Writers and bloggers can earn a reputation and make good money to make daily or weekly entries on websites. Many have been able to quit a full-time job.

    4. Internet Surfing. One company pays individuals to surf the internet for 5 hours per day. They even increase compensation if you spend more time browsing.

    5. Write Reviews of Magazines You Read. Some magazine subscription companies pay magazine readers to write reviews of the magazines they’ve read.

    6. Posting in Forums. One site offers hundreds of opportunities to be paid weekly by forum posting firms who seek writers able to discuss multiple topics in online forums.

    7. Internet research. Companies pay to research the internet for competitive products or services and report it to them.

    8. Shoe testers. Company that manufactures shoes will pay you to test their new styles. They send you shoes and you wear them for a week and let them know what you thought. They send you a check and you even keep the shoes.

    9. Baby food testing. This one is especially cool for a new mom. You test new kinds of baby food, keep the samples and get paid.

    10. Sending emails. One company pays $25 for each email people send for them. That is not too tough for those who love to write!

    With jobs like this available, anyone can have a fun, enjoyable and cool new job!