Learn to Program with C# and .NET

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Course Description

learn to program in csharp
Learn to Program in C#

This hands-on C# and .NET introductory course will teach students object-oriented programming skills using the C# language. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, like objects and classes, state, conditions, loops, collections, error handling and an overview of inheritance and polymorphism. The course also introduces important algorithmic constructs, string and character manipulation, dynamic memory allocation and standard I/O commands.

This course is intended for students who are new to programming as it would provide a useful introduction to the fundamental concepts of object-oriented software engineering and development, essential and recommended for students with no previous object oriented programming experience who may want to study mobile/ app programming using Android, iOS programming and Java.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the basic concepts of object-oriented design and programming with real world examples
  • Know the fundamentals of learning to program with C# on the .NET platform
  • Create business applications using the .NET platform and the C# language and supporting frameworks
  • Use primitive data types to create identifiers and variables, and create assignment statements and arithmetic expressions
  • How to create C# programs for various presentation formats using Visual Studio and accompanying templates
  • Create programs that observe basic object-oriented programming principles like objects and classes in C#
  • Understand what is meant by imperative programming and create and manipulate applications using scope rules, character string, control flow statements
  • Create robust C# application using more advanced object-oriented techniques such as interfaces, method overloading, polymorphism and encapsulation
  • How to create programs that can handle errors gracefully when they occur
  • Manipulate strings, files, directories and file systems
  • How to use package and .NET/C# assemblies

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Course Curriculum

  • Object-oriented basics – Real world modelling

    • Lesson 1: Object-oriented basics – Real world modelling
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  • Introduction to .NET/C#

    • Lesson 2: Introduction to .NET/C#
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  • Object-oriented Programming – Classes and Objects in C#

    • Lesson 3-4: Object-oriented Programming – Classes an Objects in C#
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  • Delegates, events and properties

    • Lesson 5: Delegates, events and properties
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  • Imperative programming - Scope Rules, Character String and flow Control

    • Lesson 6: Imperative programming – Scope Rules, Character String, Control Flow
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  • More object-oriented techniques - Interfaces, method overloading, polymorphism

    • Lesson 7: More object-oriented techniques – Inheritance and Polymorphism
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  • Exception Handling

    • Lesson 8: Exception handling
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  • String and text handling applications

    • Lesson 9: String handling and Text handling applications
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  • Introducing Windows presentation layer formats - WinForms, ASP.NET WebForms, WPF, XAML, etc.

    • Lesson 10: Introduction to Windows presentation layer formats
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