Learn Python Programming Language

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Course Description

Learn to Program in Python

The introduction to programming with Python short course teaches Python to beginners, a powerful open source language that is very popular in the fields of data analysis, finance and web development.

With this hands-on course, students with little or no prior experience will learn how to think like programmers and apply knowledge gained on practical exercises done in class, with an experienced tutor present to answer questions.




What Will I Learn?

  • The Fundamentals
  • Python overview and the basic language elements: Introduction to Python. Variables. Loops. Main method. Conditional structures. Data structure.
  • Debugging in Python (using pdb, Pycharm). How to read a program.
  • File manipulation: Reading and writing files.
  • Object Oriented programming in Python: classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation. How to build a modular python program.
  • Introduction to the Python standard library.
  • Testing in Python. Presentation of doc test and unit test.
  • Error handling: exceptions.

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Course Curriculum

  • The Fundamentals

    • Lesson 1: Overview, Environment Setup, Basic Synax
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  • Introduction to Python

    • Lesson 2: Basic syntax, variable types and Basic Operators
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    • Lesson 3: Decision making, Loops, Numbers and Strings
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  • Debugging in Python

    • Lesson 4: Debugging in Python
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  • File manipulation

    • Lesson 5: Reading and writing files
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  • Object Oriented programming in Python

    • Lesson 6: Classes and Objects
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    • Lesson 7: Inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation
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  • Introduction to the Python standard library.

    • Lesson 8: Python standard library.
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  • Testing in Python

    • Lesson 9: Presentation of doc test
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    • Lesson 10: Presentation of unit test
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